Trading Products

Select products with large investment needs and volume, customers can easily access to relevant information and choose an effective market opportunity. Large enough volume increase trading activity to enhance profitability. So that all investors can enjoy the same fair investment environment.

Specifications & Trading Hours-Option

XAUUSD-PRI Trading time refer to XAUUSD
Product Summer Time from Mar to Nov (HK time) Winter Time from Nov to Mar (HK time)
Trading Hours Break Time Trading Hours Break Time


Mon 7:00a.m.~ Tue 4:55a.m.
Tue ~ Thu
Daily 5:00a.m.~Next Day 4:55a.m.
Fri 5:00a.m.~ Sat 4:00a.m.


Mon 7:00a.m.~ Tue 5:55a.m.
Tue ~ Thu
Daily 6:00a.m.~Next Day 5:55a.m.
Fri 6:00a.m.~ Sat 5:00a.m.


Trading Specifications

For mainland account , the minimum amount is 1000 USD. The maximum amount for a single investment is 99,000 USD. The maximum amount for a single client can hold is 9,999,000 USD.
For Taiwan account, the minimum amount is 10000 USD. The maximum amount for a single investment is 990,000 USD. The maximum amount for a single client can hold is 99,990,000 USD.

There are 4 duration can be choosed
The Total Investment Time:12 Months
2W*26 2 Weeks X 26 Choose price range 26 times,each period is 2 weeks
1M*12 1 Month X 12 Choose price range 12 times,each period is 1 month
2M*6 2 Months X 6 Choose price range 6 times,each period is 2 months
3M*4 3 Months X 4 Choose price range 4 times,each period is 3 months

1M*12 for example, is as 1 month for a period, terminate after 12 periods. Assumption that client trade on 2015/11/15, then the expiry time of the first period will be 2015/12/15 2:00pm.after that client can choose a new price range. If the client finish 12 periods, then he can get back all capital and profit. Assumption that client couldn’t finish the required periods, we will inform the client by E-mail or phone. Capital can’t be withdraw before client finish the required periods

◎ It will cost 1% of the investment for commission and service fee
◎Investment profit can be withdraw in the investment term
◎Capital can’t be withdraw before the end of the investment term
◎Target return rate is annualized return rate